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When’s the last time you pressed your pause button?

As coaches we work to give our clients good space to think, reflect and work out how to fulfil their potential. But how often do we do this for ourselves?

Since living in Weymouth, as far as possible I make a habit of taking a morning walk by the sea. An opportunity to engage in some mindfulness, to appreciate the sheer beauty of the coast. There is no doubt that this helps me to greet the busy-ness of the day ahead with a degree ease. However, finding an extended period of time to reflect on where I am in my coaching journey is harder to come by. Talking to other coaches this is one of their struggles too! We all know the importance of reflection and yet left to our own devices something else will grab our attention. The appointment in the diary saying “reflection time” gets deleted and rescheduled…. Again!

One of the joys of being an independent coach is the sense of autonomy it gives you – however, I must admit one of the things I miss about being employed is the annual appraisal! Who knew, hey ?! Most of the time I was fortunate to have a good boss, one who was as interested in my development and my potential as they were interested in my ability to deliver. The Annual Appraisal was the opportunity to think about what I had learned in the year gone by and how and where I wanted to stretch my capabilities in the year ahead. It was a time to take stock of my career goals, what did I really want to achieve and was I headed in the right direction?

I find these things are much more complicated in the world of self-employment! We are not always the architect of the work that we do. Sometimes the stars will align for us and just the kind of opportunity we had been hoping for, lands in our laps. Oftentimes we have to make commercial decisions about what we would like to do and what will keep the bank balance in the black. If we are not careful, we sometimes get caught in a trap doing work that offers security but which does not light our passion and we lose sight of what we intended our coaching business to be. Worse still we are so busy with the work itself that we fail to notice that we have lost sight of our original vision.

If you have ever read Michael Gerber’s the e-myth – then you will be familiar with the notion that as the business owner you need to “work on the business” not just “work in the business”. When we work “on” the business, we step back and take a moment to get our head out of the weeds and properly take a look at the journey so far and take control of the path we want to carve out ahead of ourselves.

It was this kind of thinking in mind that back in November 2015 I organised Greenfield’s first Coaching Supervision Retreat. Offering a weekend by the sea with a group of up to six coaches who come together to deliberately press the pause button. It’s an opportunity to reflect on how far you’ve come. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with your model of coaching . It’s an opportunity to be supported by your fellow coaches to renew your energy for the whole of your coaching practice. Essentially it’s a collaborative approach to preparing for your annual appraisal! The event in 2015 went really well, I was really chuffed! No need to just take my word for it, have a look and see what those who attended said.

In the last two years we have been renovating our home which was also a B&B. It has now re-opened as a self-catering holiday home. So, Greenfields is finally in a position to run the Coaching Supervision Retreat again – this time on October 6th – 8th 2017. Over the course of the weekend you will be able to engage in a wide range of reflective activities, including silent mindful walks on the beach, individual and group supervision, co-coaching triads, reflective writing or simply take some time out for you. You’ll also have the option of sampling some of the delicious seafood Weymouth has to offer at a nearby restaurant on the Saturday evening.

Would you benefit from dedicated time to draw breath? If so, perhaps a weekend by the sea to Reflect, Reconnect and Renew should be on your to do list?!

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Posted by Greenfields Consultancy / Posted on 23 Aug
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