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When did you last check in the passenger mirror to review your coaching practice?

If you, like me, have been driving since you were 17, then you may have experienced that stomach churning moment when you narrowly avoid an accident. The last time this happened to me (yes, it’s happened more than once!) I was about to overtake on a motorway, and having checked my mirrors, I began to move when a car horn sounded loud and clear. My heart missed a beat, and I manoeuvred back into the middle lane. I avoided a collision….just. It’s not a helpful excuse that the car was in my blindspot. The fact of the matter is, it is not sufficient to check my mirrors before I make a move, I should be constantly checking them so that I know what’s happening around me, every moment of the journey.  The sad truth is that all too easily we can become overconfident, complacent and potentially lazy (who ever got taught to use Cruise Control in order to pass a driving test?!). And often it takes a “near miss” to remind us to do what we know we should be doing all along…..

So how does this link to coaching?  Well for years we accrue experience, aspiring to be at one with our work and to work effortlessly and “in flow”.   When we achieve it, it feels good.  But is it really good for our clients?  Isn’t it possible that becoming unconsciously competent is only one fragile step away from being unconsciously incompetent?!

As I’ve written about elsewhere, actually I think it is safer for our clients if we are operating in “conscious competence”.  As wonderful as it is to experience “flow” – how can we be sure that this serves our clients as much, or more than it serves us and our ego?  So, when we do experience this kind of unconscious competence it can be helpful to affirm our sense of proficiency, and it can be useful to bring these moments to supervision.  Here we can slow down and unpick what has enabled our strengths (so that we are more aware of them and they can be accessed more deliberately) as well as identify what informed our instinctive response – so that we know what prompted us to do what we did and when.

It’s often been said the coaching is a lonely profession – there is no-one there with you in the room as you work.  So how do we metaphorically check all our mirrors, to properly understand the impact we have on our clients?

In answer to that question, Greenfields has developed a Coaches Development Getaway. Part “boot-camp” part “retreat” we have designed two intensive days. You will get crunchy and specific feedback, having been observed coaching a colleague.  You will have the opportunity to unpick your successes and your moments of flow in group supervision. For the “time poor” it’s a chance for some “me time” – time to reflect and to summon the courage to look into the corners of our practice that privately we know would benefit from attention.

Would you like the reward of a truly transformational development experience? If so, then leave your ego at the train station, bring your vulnerability into the room and be supported to take a long hard look through the passenger mirror at your coaching practice.

Interested to know more about our Coaches Development Getaway?  Our next one is running on the 5th & 6th of October in Weymouth, Dorset.

Click here for more information or contact Michelle on or 07717 122950.

All inclusive prices start at just £595+VAT for 16.5 hours of CPD.

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