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When could you invest in your development?

Following on from our last blog about investing time, money, and directed energy in your own future, we thought it might be helpful to continue the conversation. In our Executive Coaching practices, we see critical moments when it is particularly worth backing yourself. There appears to be a “sweet spot” for development at these times, where unfurling your potential can be accelerated through coaching.

Here are some we identified:

·      You want to move to a different organisation with a different culture

·      You want to get a promotion

·      You have a substantial role with more responsibility / exposure than before

·      Your first managerial role

·      You step up as a leader of a larger team

·      You know you need to understand the strategy and politics better

·      Your market is changing fast or you are faced with great uncertainty in your market

·      You are dissatisfied with your career and want change

Top tips to take control and develop yourself:

1.      Decide what you are interested to develop. Not everybody knows what they want immediately. A great coach who will know how to get you to explore and identify suitable goals for you could provide great value.

2.      Depending on your development goals, you could seek out a course, programme, accreditation or executive coach to meet your learning objectives and help you apply your learning to your world.

3.      Avoid the ruts by staying competitive in your field, which means you’ll need to explore trends. Or it may mean developing toward your next career. Current realities suggest the chances are that in your lifetime you will need to change track more than once.

Above all, be impatient to discover your potential, be steady in the pursuit of new levels of capability and always grab opportunities to apply what you are learning.

We would love to hear your views about critical moments, how coaching helped, and what the benefit of hindsight brings.

Do you want a Coach? Lorenza Clifford and Michelle Lucas are both well reputed Master Executive Coaches and have availability to work with new people. We are always happy to discuss our working approach and how we might help you on your unique path.

Do you want to join a coaching programme, to become an accredited coach yourself? On 17th May, during International Coaching Week, we are offering a free webinar: “A day in the life of a coach – what’s it really like?” The intention is to encourage an “eyes wide open” discussion forum for the growing numbers of people interested in becoming a coach. It is planned for 17th May 12:30 for 45 minutes and Michelle Lucas and Lorenza Clifford will be on hand after the call to take further questions. This is a free way to “Dip your toe in” and discover if coaching might be for you. We will share our own experiences and answer as many questions as we can. As Accredited Coach Supervisors with decades of coaching experience, we can help you get a feel for whether this route will be right for you. Book through our Events page

Looking forward to meeting you.

Michelle and Lorenza

Posted by Greenfields Consultancy / Posted on 11 May
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