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The Coaches Development Getaway

The Coaches Development Getaway

What is it?

Based over two days you have the opportunity to take a structured approach to sharpening your coaching practice. A hybrid of a retreat and a boot-camp this “eyes wide open” residential experience will generate a new vitality to your coaching practice.

Who is it for?

Whilst coaches of all levels of experience will benefit, this is deliberately designed to sharpen the awareness of experienced coaches.  Coaches who operate for the most part “in flow” and who trust their instinct that they will respond appropriately in the moment.  The joy of working in this state of unconscious competence is its effortless quality. And yet, in order to ensure we are genuinely being of service to our clients it is helpful to slow down, take a step backwards and inspect exactly how we work.  During this development getaway we will revisit your work with forensic precision and re-ignite the conscious competence of your craft.

This is not for the faint hearted, and I speak from visceral experience. Having recently participated in some observed coaching I was on the receiving end of both wonderful affirmations as well as acutely insightful feedback of an overused strength. If you are not prepared to admit that you might have become just a little bit “sloppy” over the years, then this is not the right opportunity for you. You will need to leave your ego at the train station and bring your vulnerability into the room. And when you do that, you will be ready to welcome the transformative experience that awaits.

How will it work?

Arrival Thursday evening at a time that suits your schedule, Michelle will be there to welcome you and food is available as you informally meet and greet your fellow coaches. An early night is suggested in preparation for the full two days ahead.

We start the experience at 08:00 sharing breakfast on the Friday morning. Then, after some heavy duty contracting,  over a mug of coffee on the beach (100 yards away) we begin the development getaway itself.  We start to deepen connections using a creative exercise that helps each coach articulate their coaching signature.  This not only provides the individual context for the work that lies ahead, it also offers a reference point for the observed practice – noticing what is congruent with each coaches espoused approach. The rest of the morning focuses on observed coaching practice.  Three people have the chance for the others to witness their work, they will determine what specific feedback they would like to receive. This specificity may be determined in advance by you, it may consider congruence with your coaching signature, or you may link it to your preferred coach competency framework.  This also means that three people have the opportunity to receive coaching.  This is an opportunity to work with courage.  Yes, you could bring something tactical that you think will suit a 30 minute session  – but your fellow coaches are Masters in their field.  So be brave, and reap more reward from your investment. Bring an issue which is genuinely part of your “work in progress” and prepare to do some transformational work.

In the afternoon we avoid the post-lunch slump by heading out to the coast for a walk, the focus of this discussion is to help you prepare for the group supervision that comes next.  You are offered the question “What needs sharpening in your work?”. On return we engage group supervision facilitated by Michelle. The afternoon is brought to a pause as we share our learning to date and experiment with capturing reflections using a number of different templates on offer.

After some “down time” – we head across the road to the Italian restaurant “Al Molo” which provides a stunning view across the bay, for an evening meal. We begin on the Saturday after breakfast, with a short mindfulness exercise. Having re-contracted for the day ahead, the sequence for the day is similar, although both  observed practice and group supervision will take place before lunch.   After lunch there is a silent walk where we invite you to go pebble collecting.  Back at base you will engage in pair work to convert your insights and feedback into tangible personalised development plans.  This person then becomes your “Commitment Partner” who will keep connected with you to help keep you honest to your CPD actions.  The Development Getaway finishes with a round of appreciation, using the pebbles you have collected with each person sharing what they have particularly valued from each of their peers.  We expect to close around 4pm in the afternoon of the Saturday.

Outline Timetable:

Morning08:00 Welcome breakfast
Contracting on the beach
Coaching Signatures exercise
Observed coaching
Short mindfulness exercise
Observed Coaching
Group Supervision
AfternoonCoastal Walk
Group Supervision
17:00 Close
Silent Walk
Action PLanning
Appreciative Close
16:00 Depart
EveningArrival from 6.30pm Food AvailableEvening meal at Al Molo

Why should I attend?

  • An opportunity to “Walk the talk” – Invest in your own self-care so that you are well resourced to serve your clients
  • Connect with others who are equally passionate about being the best coach they can be
  • Get crunchy and specific feedback on your coaching style in a safe setting
  • Leave with absolute clarity on where you need to focus your ongoing development as a practitioner
  • Get a free copy of Michelle’s latest book “Peer Supervision in Coaching & Mentoring”.
  • Get a CPD certificate for 16.5 hours (that’s over half a year’s recommended CPD hours!)


April 2020 (Dates to be confirmed)

What’s your Investment?

Early Bird Price : £595 + VAT – this covers all food, accommodation, resources and materials.

Book a friend price (booked at any time) : £595 + VAT

Regular Price: £750 + VAT

Additional costs : return travel to Weymouth, any drinks you want over dinner