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Individual Supervision

Individual Supervision

I found Michelle’s approach to coaching supervision an eclectic mix of listening , challenging , suggesting and reflecting. Our sessions built up in layers but I always felt I was leading rather than being led . In particular her prompt for me to be more courageous and experimental in my practice benefited me significantly.

Andy Homer    Independent Coach and Mentor   

I really appreciated the flexibility of roles that Michelle assumed during the course of our supervision. Although we mainly worked on developmental issues there was one session where I really needed some “me time” and she supported me in such a way that I left the session restored and energised for what lay ahead. I also learned from Michelle’s openness, one session comes to mind where she commented on how “tough going” our session had become – she skilfully put “the elephant in the room” which enabled us to discuss what was happening and to find our flow again. This reminded me that I can do that too and since then I have taken a few more risks with clients – and it’s paid off! Thanks Michelle.

Fiona    Executive CoachCCSI Europe   

Having tried working with supervisors a couple of times in the past, I knew it was something I ‘ought’ to do rather than seeing a real value. Then I started working with Michelle. At times I have wanted a ‘mentor’ to help me build my business, at others reflection and another viewpoint on my coaching. Michelle is very generous with her wide ranging knowledge, pragmatic, non judgemental and takes a real adult to adult approach. I have learned a lot and at last can see the real value in supervision. I alternate one to one with her group supervision and find the combination brilliant. Thanks Michelle – keep up the great work.

Gill Hicks    Executive Impact Coach Gill Hicks Ltd   

Michelle’s supervision was brilliant – practical and professional support to help push and stretch me to develop my coaching and my business, just what I wanted. I’ll definitely continue to work with her.


Supervision with Michelle has been a truly rewarding experience and I would recommend her without reservation. I entered the process with a fair amount of scepticism, but even from just the contracting phase I was encouraged by the obvious professionalism and intellectual rigour, but moreover comfortable with a sense of solid rapport, intuition, feedback, structure, and fun. When working on client issues it was not about “an arm round the shoulder” support; rather it encouraged me to have confidence in what I was doing, reflect on it and consider alternatives, and to go on and do more. We also worked on my existing model for professional development – as a result of supervision it shifted from a transactional and descriptive model to one which feels truly authentic – it now has integrity, elegance, resilience … I call it “the Argentine Tango” of coaching.

Alastair    Developmental Coach AndersonNash   

Michelle is a great supervisor who was able to reflect and make connections between seemingly unrelated issues in my coaching practice. This has helped me gain new insight into my coaching behaviours which will ultimately help my clients

Sue Stockdate    Executive Coach   

I find that Michelle asks the challenging and difficult questions that really help to move my thinking forward. Michelle is able to work at a challenging and stretching level with people at different levels within the organisation. In my experience I have gained real value from time with Michelle both through coaching and Supervision coaching sessions. Michelle appears to understand Clarks as an organisation and culture and is able to work effectively with us

Susan Roberts    Implementation Manager and Lead Coach Clarks Footwear   

Michelle brought a wonderfully refreshing presence to our supervision sessions. I was repeatedly impressed by her ability to readily absorb, comprehend and clarify my case information. She always made a significant contribution which transcended my understanding and really helped my coaching skills and informed and boosted my professional and personal development, and my overall coaching practise. She really demonstrated excellent ‘super’ ‘vision’. For these reasons I would not hesitate in recommending her as a supervisor.

JH    Executive and Career Coach   

The supervision I have had from Michelle has been extremely helpful. Michelle has the ability to hold a tangle of thoughts being expressed and present these back in a neat summary. I have found Michelle’s approach friendly and open and the sharing from her own experience as a coach very useful. Our sessions have always been productive – even when I don’t bring a specific client issue.

Diane    Freelance Coach   

I began supervision with Michelle when returning to coaching after a break. Session by session she helped build my confidence by combining great insight with impeccable professionalism. I now recognise that I have a ‘USP’ that utilises my gifts and experience, develops my skills and offers the best possible service to my clients. Thanks to Michelle, the journey from ‘Can I do this?’ to ‘I CAN do this – and do it well’ has been an exciting one.

Wendy Bray    Coach, Writer and Communications Professional   

The ideas and thoughts generated from the sessions with Michelle have been very valuable and have provided me with time to think about how I will tackle my coaching conversations. I have then been able to take away these new ideas and put them into practise

Laura    Internal Coach Clarks footwear   

I found the supervision to be really helpful in understanding how to apply coaching theory practically with my clients. Michelle is a great supervisor who is good at challenging my assumptions and developing my understanding of coaching psychology

Kate    Coach and Counsellor