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Peer Supervision in Coaching & Mentoring

Peer Supervision in Coaching and Mentoring: A Versatile Guide for Reflective Practice

Supervision is increasingly required for a coach’s and a mentor’s professional development, and engaging in reflective practice with peers can be a valuable way of meeting these needs. Peer supervision being unique challenges though, including the possibility of collusion or stagnating at a shared developmental level.

Written by practising supervisors who engage in peer supervision themselves and train communities of coaches and mentors, this book guides the reader through the opportunities and potential pitfalls of peer supervision. Grounded in theory and practice it:

  • explains the basics of coaching supervision and peer supervision
  • differentiates between peer and professional supervision
  • provides guidance on individual and group supervision arrangements
  • suggests techniques to use in peer supervision conversations
  • explores ethical issues and dilemmas in peer supervision scenarios
  • provides helpful templates, including a peer supervision contract

This practical guide will be vital reading for all established and trainee coaching and mentors who are keen to embark on peer supervision or enhance the quality of their existing peer supervision activities.