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How do you manage your magpie tendencies?

Once upon a time, I remember having a real thirst for gathering lots and lots of techniques that I could use with my coaching clients. I felt a little bit like a magpie – constantly attracted to bright shiny new techniques and taking them back to my nest to nurture! However, over time that has faded as I have discovered a number of tools and techniques that seem to work well for me and I have concentrated more on developing and adapting them to the client situations that arise.

Every now and then the magpie in me reappears. A coach will mention one of their “tried and tested” favourites and I will not have heard of it. On a good day I will research it and find a fellow coach to practice it with – belonging to the local co-coaching group was a great forum for doing this. However, on a less good day, the intention to find out more sits on the to do list and gradually gets overtaken by the busy-ness of doing business! Sound familiar? Well my fellow magpies – read on if you are tempted to get fresh inspiration for your coaching tool box.

Some years ago, as I was developing the Experiential Coach Development Programme, I wanted to share five of my tried and tested techniques so that delegates could practice them. The first three of those techniques helped clients to develop their Brand, their sense of Career Direction and their Decision Making. As I was considering what the remaining two could be I was struck that I seem to have an almost alphabetical list. It was very tempting to find something for “A” and “E”!! However, whilst I resisted that for the purposes of the ECDP programme the idea of an A-Z of Executive Coaching Techniques was born. This became my first self-published book in December 2013.

A couple of people who have purchased the book have asked if I do a workshop in support of the book. Until now the answer has always been “no, not yet”. Part of the difficulty was thinking through how to convey 26 very different techniques within one workshop whilst giving people the time to properly experience and practice the techniques. Conversely the prospect of running 26 workshops just felt overwhelming!! Well I have now developed a format over two days where you will come away with experience of 12 techniques – that seems like a reasonable middle ground?! Having received a copy of the book in advance you get to choose the techniques you are most interested in learning. On the day the key ingredient is working within co-coaching triads so that you get to experience a technique from the position of the client, the coach and as an observer. You should leave the workshop with a solid understanding of which shiny things will really fit well with the rest of your collection!

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Posted by Greenfields Consultancy / Posted on 11 Aug
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