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Transition Coaching

Change your thinking

What will the “new normal” be like for you ? Have you …

  • Recently become a parent and need to re-assess your priorities?
  • Been made redundant and need to re-build your resilience?
  • Embarked on a life change and found it different to how you imagined?
  • Encountered a significant life event and notice it’s had an impact on how you think or feel or behave?

Transition coaching can help you to manage the change more effectively.

Contact us now to arrange an initial consultation, there will be no charge and no obligation to continue. Let’s just talk through what your needs are and we can both determine if one of the greenfields team is the right person to work with you.

Michelle, thank you for focusing me so professionally, I have valued your insightful questioning, which seems to come so naturally to you. As a result of our sessions I have successfully addressed each area I had concerns about and my business is already reaping the rewards

Sharon    MD - Nicholl Consultancy   

Through my work with Michelle I have been able to keep perspective and positive during periods of significant change. Coaching has enabled me to appreciate my strengths and refocus my work around areas that I feel happy and confident in. This has made such a huge difference with the choices I have made and as a result I am feeling strong, motivated and enjoying the journey. Life is good.

Lydia Armes    HR Consultant, HappinessHR   

I worked with Michelle at a junction in my life, planning to return to work after a career break to look after my children. Michelle provided a reflective, intelligent, listening ear and a knack of asking the right question which unlocked a raft of new ideas. With her support I gained confidence and a sense of direction and quickly understood what my next steps needed to be. I would recommend Michelle to anyone who feels they have lost their career or life footing.

Nina    Business & HR Consultant, Newbury