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Focused on, but not exclusive to, the Newbury, Reading, Oxford, Wokingham and Weymouth areas, we provide a range of 121 coaching support in person, over the phone or on skype. We recognise that everyone is unique so coaching programmes are tailor-made for the individual, including the use of psychometrics if required. We can help you to get clarity on your future direction, hold your focus, challenge the way you think about yourself and your abilities, maximise your talents, enable you to define a clear and achievable way forward, move confidently forwards in life both personally & professionally.

Coaching provides a non-judgemental secure space in which you can explore what’s on your mind, understand the options available to you, make a conscious choice based on your strengths, talents and core values, take action, learn and move on. What’s not to love about it!

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Through my work with Michelle I have been able to keep perspective and positive during periods of significant change. Coaching has enabled me to appreciate my strengths and refocus my work around areas that I feel happy and confident in. This has made such a huge difference with the choices I have made and as a result I am feeling strong, motivated and enjoying the journey. Life is good.

Lydia Armes    HR Consultant, HappinessHR   

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