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Continuous Professional Development

Understand more. Grow more. Be more.

At greenfields we believe that becoming a trained coach is only the start of our professional journey. Whilst an initial training can give us the skills we need to start with, we need to embed, hone and then stretch those skills so that we are constantly improving how we work. If we see ourselves as a constant “work in progress” we can role model for our clients the continuous improvement needed to stay at the top of our game. We understand that most of us are time poor and that budgets are often limited. So our approach at greenfields is to offer a range of CPD options which are flexible and cost effective – take a look at what we have available :

Bite-Size CPD

Whilst most of us intend to keep our CPD activities up to date, doing this can be a challenge. Our “bite-size” CPD programme is here to help. We can provide a series of 9 recorded webinars (borrowed from our Virtual Coach Development programme). Each one takes about 40 minutes to review and you can do this whatever time of the day or night that suits you. You can opt to do just one or all 9 or any number in between. Increase the number of CPD hours by successfully complete an assignment and you’ll get a 3 hour CPD certificate. Find out more about the modules.

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Accreditation Support

An increasing number of coaches are working towards accreditation to help demonstrate the rigour of their approach. We are familiar with the AC, the EMCC and the ICF processes, and can act as a sounding board as you navigate and complete the requisite elements.

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(note: Michelle is an assessor for the AC’s Coaching Supervision Scheme, and will declare to the AC any Coaching Supervisor Applicant with whom she has a working relationship)

Reflective Writing Support

Writing in a critically reflective way is especially difficult for those of us who have spent many years writing business reports. We have an approach which helps your structure and deepen your reflections, starting wherever you are naturally and then taking an iterative approach to building the skill. We can work with you on a 121 basis, buddy you up with other coaches addressing the same issue or work with a group of coaches at one of our retreats.

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Michelle’s support for my Accreditation was all that I needed and more ! With her help I was able to articulate how I worked and I now have a philosophy and a case study to be really proud of. What’s more as well as having the Supervision reference I needed, Michelle’s thorough approach meant I came away celebrating my strengths and identifying a focus for my future development. Thanks Michelle, you were recommended to me and I heartily recommend you to others !

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