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Are you familiar with this Confucius saying? “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”

It is this truth that informs our approach on the Experiential Coach Development Programme – our aspiration is to create coaches who are practiced and authentic – not just students who understand how coaching works. We believe that most people learn best by “doing”. Once people have had their Kick-off session and are set up with their practice clients – we inspire them to find their own way. We encourage them to “try something” and to “see what happens” firm in the belief that people will learn most when it’s for real.

If alarms bells are ringing for you – no fear! Each participant has regular access to coaching supervision. 1-to-1 and group supervision in a confidential relationship means they can review their work and we can ensure that their practice clients are properly safeguarded and have the best chance to get value from the coaching relationship. Learning how to coach this way is a visceral experience – the learning stays with you because it is truly yours. Our facilitators are highly attuned to the learning opportunities our delegates face and tread a responsible path between learning through trial and error and managing appropriate risks on behalf of their practice clients.

What this means for our participants, is that they learn the principles of good coaching through the “here and now” experience. So, for example, they learn about how to contract as we contract for the programme, then they try it with their practice clients. They learn how to use different coaching techniques Through direct experience first, and then apply the learning to their clients.

One of the ways to accelerate learning and enhance new skills is repetition. Nobody ever sat down at the piano and expected to deliver a polished concert-grade recital with their first efforts! Most people “kangaroo” the instructor’s car down the street on many occasions before they gain enough control to offer lifts without terrifying passengers. And so, it is with coaching. With a simple tell approach, the brain quickly forgets information as shown by the black line on this graph.

The design of our Experiential Coach Development Programme incorporates plenty of practice to ensure that remembering the concepts and techniques stays high (orange line). And the skills can keep building (green line) throughout each discussion, coaching activity and guided reflection moment.

This is an open programme, so another source of enrichment comes from the different contexts that our participants work within. For example: a participant who is a self-employed consultant may work in a triad with an NHS manager and a team leader from the Aerospace industry. As they practice coaching, each participant finds that they have to leave their own solutions at the door and become really curious. They don’t know the context of each other’s roles well enough to advise or suggest fixes! So, they come to rely on open-ended questions to create thinking space, use the coaching techniques they learn and trust that the coachee can develop their own way forward. The combination works, and produces a big buzz of motivating energy!

The programme uses an emergent approach – we will always work with what’s in the room. Yet it is innovatively structured so that it can be accredited by both the Association for Coaching and the EMCC. All the learning is underpinned and connected back to the competency frameworks of these professional coaching bodies.

The result? Confident new coaches who are secure in how they want to work, who are not afraid of mucking things up because they know they can manage tricky situations or mistakes, learn from it and build trust with their coachee at the same time. With us you won’t get a cookie-cutter approach to developing your coaching skills. Instead, you will have the opportunity to developing your unique way of being curious that will serve your future coachees extremely well.

Experiential Coach Development Programme

Delivered in partnership by Greenfields and Coachange

Our Kick-off workshop on the 17th May is the perfect next step on your professional coaching journey.

Held in the Newbury/Oxford area you will learn alongside 8-12 professionals all passionate about development.

Click to read more about the ECDP – kicking off in International Coaching Week!

“Having taken part in the various activities and learned the models, I was able to experience the impact first hand. This helped me to understand the benefit they will have in my future interactions. It was fundamental in increasing my confidence to subsequently use these tools in my coaching sessions and meetings”

“It’s been a pleasure working with you, you have helped me so much along the way and kept it exciting throughout.”

If not now, then when?

Do you want a Coach? Lorenza Clifford and Michelle Lucas are both well reputed Master Executive Coaches and have availability to work with new people. We are always happy to discuss our working approach and how we might help you on your unique path.

Do you want to join a coaching programme, to become an accredited coach yourself? On 17th May, during International Coaching Week, we are offering a free webinar: “A day in the life of a coach – what’s it really like?” The intention is to encourage an “eyes wide open” discussion forum for the growing numbers of people interested in becoming a coach. It is planned for 17th May 12:30 for forty minutes, and Michelle Lucas and Lorenza Clifford will be on hand after the call to take further questions. This is a free way to “Dip your toe in” and discover if coaching might be for you. We will share our own experiences and answer as many questions as we can. As Accredited Coach Supervisors with decades of coaching experience, we can help you get a feel for whether this route will be right for you. Book through our Events page

Looking forward to meeting you.

Michelle and Lorenza

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