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A day in the life of a coach: What’s it really like?!

As part of International Coaching Week we gathered a group for discussion around “A day in the life of a Coach”. Those who attended were either just getting started in a new venture as a coach or were thinking of doing so in the near future.

Michelle and Lorenza shared some of the highlights and lowlights of being a coach from their experience and invited the group to share too. Common ones were:

·      Common highlights were the buzz of “aha!” moments, hearing shifts in thinking patterns or when the client finds their own path forward

·      A common hesitation was how to win business and can I do it?

They took the group through some of the most important aspects of the process of getting started. To give a flavour of the discussion, we thought we could share here some of the parts that the group had resonated with or said they had learned from.

Getting as many hours of coaching under your belt as you can. Practice, practice, practice!

Balancing self-development and business development. Investing in your broader skillset around running a business successfully so that you evolve into your new role is important. And bringing in new custom, critical to your success in business too. Balance matters.

It’s tempting to “cast your net wide” or “be all things to all people”. However, marketing is often more successful when targeted to audience effectively. Thinking in terms of campaigns and experimentation. If it doesn’t work after a period, ditch it and try another tack, whilst staying true to who you are.

We discussed what it’s like to be honest with yourself about what is involved. You will need to be the IT person, learn how to do your own tax returns, how to chase late payments, as well as how to contract successfully with clients, how to evaluate your work and how to attract new business.

If you find you don’t enjoy one aspect of business life, be clear about that early and choose whether to get help or find someone who loves that aspect. Creating partnerships that work for both of you can be a great way to work, bringing some of that collegiate spirit that you might be missing in your new world of work.

We would be delighted to share further, if people have questions. Towards the close of our call, some questions were asked about supervision. Michelle and Lorenza both have thriving supervision practices and would be happy to talk to people about that too:



We look forward to hearing what else people have been doing as part of International Coaching Week.

Posted by Greenfields Consultancy / Posted on 19 May
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