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Building tomorrow’s talent today.

“The only constant is change” is a well trodden phrase for today’s businesses environments. It is a common challenge to navigate a change in strategy, to restructure all or part of the business or simply to recognising a shift in leadership approach. What’s common to all these organisational changes is the ripple effect it will have on the people in the business. The biggest cause of project failure is not bringing people along with the changing activities or approach. With greenfields help you can be more proactive – both supporting your people to manage the change that lies ahead and offering a vehicle for engaging people with that change. Below are a couple of examples of where we have added value for other organisations.

In today’s complex business world an organisation often has to adapt its plans to meet the needs of its market and customers. Where this has an impact on a significant number of people, it can be helpful to provide tailored support to a number of individuals impacted by the same change.

Here are some examples all of which exemplify a coaching approach. Contact us now if there is something you would value some support with.

Career Management Workshops: Typically suited to high potential groups, managers and leaders of the future. Exploring career motivations, providing tools to build confidence in their abilities and ensuring they feel equipped to take their next career step.

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Change Management Workshops: Useful for any group of people being impacted by a substantial change in an organisation. Understanding the emotions experienced through the change cycle, encouraging dialogue, sharing experiences and equipping individuals to move forward with a positive mind-set.

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