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Coach Training

Understand more. Grow more. Be more.

In keeping with our philosophy our training programmes are highly experiential. Our intent is to create authentic and unique coaches not a series of clones. Our programmes therefore emphasize practice and reflection over theory. We invite you to research and engage in some self-study identifying those theories that feel right for you. We will of course point you in the direction of some that interest us, just to start you off, and where possible buddy you with other coaches with similar interests.

Public Coach Training

Our flagship programme is the Experiential Coach/Mentor Development Programme. This is Accredited by the EMCC at Foundation Level and by the AC at AACT Level. This is the programme we use to develop an internal coaching pool – we will run this publically once we have a minimum of 6 delegates. To find out more, or if you would like to be added to our waitlist, just Contact us today.

Virtual & Flexible Coach Training Delivered

This programme has the same content as the Experiential Coach/Mentor Development Programme, except it is packaged flexibly. It is also Accredited at Foundation Level with the EMCC. You can start at any time and finish at any time – although we would recommend taking between 6 and 12 months. You will be provided with 9 webinars, connected with two other trainee coaches for triad work and supported by individual sessions with Michelle. You will need to find at least 3 practice clients to work with. To find out more, or to start the programme now, just Contact us today.

I would like to say that it was absolutely fabulous training that you have provided us with, to that I will be truly grateful. I will always recommend you as your knowledge is second to none.

Dena    Internal Coach & Group Supervision Facilitator